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PwC: Closing the gap between businesses and funding opportunities

Our team of consultants has the necessary experience and knowledge in order to provide its clients with support when it comes to identification, development and management of EU funded projects.


Funding Programs 

Grant support for family businesses, creative industries and crafts Machinery; equipment; software; management systems; online store; 150 000 BGN up to 85% Micro and small (less than 50 people); family or from the creative industries or crafts OPEN until 16.09.2024 MORE INFO
New Skills Trainings; acquisition or improvement of professional qualification; 586 749 BGN
50% - 70%

Micro, small, medium and large enterprises EXPECTED MORE INFO
National infrastructure for storage of electricity from renewable sources Electrical energy storage facilities; 148 mln EUR for storage capacity 50% Micro, small, medium and large enterprises EXPECTED

National Innovation Fund Remunerations;
costs for services;
equipment and tools;
materials and consumables;
business trips abroad;
500 000 BGN 25% - 75% Micro, small, medium and large enterprises of all sectors EXPECTED MORE INFO
LIFE Programme of the EU Commission Development of innovations for environmental protection 6 000 000 EUR up to 60% Businesses, public bodies and NGOs

OPEN until 17.09.2024/


EU Commission Innovation Fund Deployment of innovative decarbonization technologies >100 mln EUR up to 60% All legal entities OPEN until 09.04.2024


EU Commission EIC Accelerator Development of highly innovative technologies 2,5 mln EUR up to 70% Startups, small and medium enterprises and large eterprises (with up to 500 employees) OPEN MORE INFO

Why PwC?

Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, large company, NGO or a public authority, our team is here to help you.

PwC’s experts can consult and advice you on how to effectively develop and/or adapt your idea to the available funding opportunities.

Keep scrolling to find out how we can help you.


Identification of funding opportunities

Access to finance can be vital for starting or expanding any business, independently of the size, type or scale.

  • Using grants, start-ups could minimize the risks to their existence, accelerate the development process of a specific product / service and their successful market entry;
  • For small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria, the structured support could mean maintaining their position on the local market, but also increasing their competitiveness on national, European and global scale through strategic investments;
  • Grants can be useful for large enterprises as well – they could strengthen their R&D and innovation potential, as well as develop / implement modern technological solutions to address pressing or anticipated future challenges;
  • NGOs and public authorities can also benefit from funding in order to form valuable partnerships, solve concrete/community/sectoral problems and gain recognizability for their actions.

Given the specifics of your project idea and your company’s/institution’s profile, our consultants will help you choose the most appropriate grant opportunity.

If you are still in the initial stage, we can assist you with the formulation of the idea in a way that both fits your needs, but is also feasible in terms of economic, technological and market perspective.

PwC’s experts have vast experience with national and European funding programs and can offer you a full range of consulting services in order to make sure that you find the right platform to realise your project.


Expert analysis of your idea

Our support also aims to ensure that our clients have full access to all available data in order to make an informed decision and mobilize their efforts in the most advantageous direction.

We can provide you with detailed analysis on the viability of your project idea when it comes to innovation potential, technological readiness levels (TRLs), competitors on the market, previously funded projects in the field, compliance with strategical priorities on Bulgarian and European level, funded similar projects, etc. so that you gain an objective perception of its feasibility and funding potential.

Project development

As a member of the global PwC network, PwC Bulgaria has been advising both private and public clients in the preparation and implementation of projects co-financed by EU funds for years. PwC Bulgaria also participates in the implementation of a number of public projects of state bodies in Bulgaria, helping to implement the EU cohesion policy.

Sometimes reaching the necessary maturity of the action takes significant time and resources. Furthermore, even if your idea is great and full of potential, there are variety of programme requirements that need to be taken into consideration in order to reach a successful outcome.

Therefore, we can assist you to accelerate and de-risk the process. We offer our clients a full range of consulting services in the fields of:

  • Forming partnerships: assisting in the identification, contacting and communication with potential partners on national, EU or global level
  • Structuring and defining the project goals, expected results, actions, budget, target audience, time development, etc.
  • Preparation on annexes: administrative or technical (public procurement plan, disbursement plan, communication strategy, growth strategy, business plan, partnership agreement, etc.)
  • Adapting your proposal according to the requirement of the call;
  • Submitting your proposal through the relevant platform;
  • Support in the preparation for signing a grant contract

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals - lawyers, economists and accountants with many years of experience and qualifications in the field of grant programs and public projects. Our experts will help you not only to plan and win grant financing but manage the project successfully and efficiently.

Project management

Each programme has its own characteristics in terms of pre-financing, reporting regularity, payments management, verification procedures and communication with the beneficiary. Although the European Commission and the respective governing bodies make continuing attempts to simplify the reporting obligations, project management is still is time and resource - consuming process that requires constant focus and in-depth understanding.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation and submission of technical and progress reports;
  • Financial management and reporting;
  • Public procurements: preparation, launching, assessment and control of implementation;
  • Risk management;
  • Day to day management;

Useful content:

Additional articles and useful materials regarding grants opportunities to be added soon.

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