Technology, Information, Communications and Entertainment

In the Technology, Information, Communications and Entertainment sectors PwC offers audit and assurance services to more Fortune Global 500 companies than any of our competitors combined. We draw on the depth and breadth of our industry experience to deliver value-added solutions to our clients in such areas as taxation, corporate finance and management.

At PwC we help our clients manage the rapidly-changing business developments that have come with increasing globalisation, the explosion of the Internet, e-commerce, rapidly declining product life-cycles, intellectual property issues, and other challenges arising from the swiftly evolving Technology industry.

The Communications and Information group combines strategic consulting, change management, information technology and accounting, finance and tax capabilities for our clients. The group has a great breadth and depth of experience in such areas as regulatory compliance, deregulation, privatisation, financial control, customer care, and globalisation and market entry.

The Entertainment and Media group's business is to provide a full range of products and solutions that address the most pressing issues for companies in this sector, including digitalisation, convergence, Internet content distribution, and leveraging technology for e-commerce.

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Velina Yosifova

Velina Yosifova

Marketing & Communications Manager, PwC Bulgaria

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