Energy, Utilities and Mining

Bulgaria is undergoing a process of harmonisation to bring its energy sector standards in line with those of the EU.

PwC has created an industry-specific group of professionals, specialising in the Energy, Utilities and Mining sectors, who provide full range of services to a selected number of international or local companies operating in the country as well as foreign investors interested to acquire business or start operations in Bulgaria.

Industry issues

  • Climate change and environmental protection
  • European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS)
  • Security of supply
  • Regulation and compliance

Industry-specific services

  • Integration of environmental and climate change considerations into overall business strategy
  • Development and implementation of a carbon emissions trading strategy - from the identification of cost-effective emissions reduction projects to the execution of emissions transactions.
  • Privatisation of government-owned utilities, project finance and public private partnerships
  • Utilities revenue assurance and profitability maximisation services
  • Supply chain management

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