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Make your climate actions count with targeted, tailored solutions

Together, we can make your climate actions count

The environment is changing, but is your business? We appreciate that you can’t respond to every market shift. You need to make your actions count, from conversations to commitments. We’ll help you target for maximum results by focusing on the changes that make the biggest difference; from how you operate and innovate to re-energising for the future. Making climate actions count – by delivering, sustained, sustainable outcomes that create real value – building trust with everyone who’s counting on us.

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Bringing together our ESG professionals and sustainability specialists, empowered by the right tech and data insights, means we can help to pinpoint the most effective climate actions – to create the most value. From a focussed strategy, to getting the right numbers to prove real progress, we cover all bases. But this isn’t about a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s about targeted, tailored solutions that are doable, reportable and sustainable – delivering sustained outcomes for all stakeholders.

Albena MarkovaPartner, CEE Sustainability Platform Leader

Our service portfolio

More sustainability within the supply chain, the move to a circular economy or the transition to renewable energy in manufacturing – there are many ways you can transform your company into a responsible and sustainable enterprise. No matter which sustainability issue you’re working on, we can assist you with ideation and implementation. Together, we can make your climate actions count.

Our team will help you valorize your waste streams. We will support you in employing more efficient, sustainable and profitable resource and waste management practices.

Discover the true footprint of your products and business decisions with the help of our LCA professionals. Unlock the potential for cost savings, resource optimization and a competitive edge on the market.

Make your product sustainable and convert your responsibility as producers into a viable competitive advantage.

We can consult your own efforts or fully take on the task of accounting and reporting across all Scopes - 1, 2, 3.

Our services include solutions for all levels - from initial workshops on carbon footprint and decarbonization to high-level support for your company's decarbonization strategy.

We can assess your company's profile and provide you with a overview of its readiness level in terms of the ESG pillars. We also offer customised workshops on the topic.

Transform the increasing regulatory and market pressure related to ESG into a sustainable growth opportunity for your company.

Take control over your ESG performance and establish new reporting methodologies and systems with the help of our professionals.

We will help you assess your CSRD readiness for future compliant reporting and your ability to drive your strategy and achieve your set goals.

We will advise you on how to comply with the new mandatory ESG regulatory requirements in the financial sector and how to formulate a sustainable business model.

Formulate effective company policies for all ESG-related topics with the support of our professionals.

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we help ensure that you identify, manage, and control any existing and future regulatory risks.

PwC can perform an analysis of any significant risks with respect to the manner in which a company manages / does not manage material ESG topics.

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Albena Markova

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