Payroll & HR Administration Services

We know how critical your employees are to your business.
That’s why it’s important to devote valuable time not on administrative tasks, but on their development. As your reliable outsourcing partner, we can handle all of your personnel and payroll administration needs.

Our Products and Services

Payroll Services

  • Setting up initial configurations for each employee (one-off service);
  • Processing of absence, overtime, bonus accrual, social benefits data into a payroll software;
  • Calculation of specific additional payments or deductions from employees’ salaries;
  • Calculation of compensations for unused paid leave, compensations related to employment termination, etc.;
  • Generating payroll sheets and summary accounts, monthly declarations for social security contributions and personal income tax;
  • Preparing a table of annual paid leave used;
  • Preparing payment orders or import files for the payment of social security contributions, taxes and salaries;
  • Optional for the client – processing all payroll related payments through a special bank account opened for these purposes only;
  • Distribution of employees payslips.

HR Administration Services

  • Preparing HR documentation related to payroll (e.g. hiring and dismissal documents; documentation for changes in salary, position, departmental affiliation and other significant terms of employment contracts);
  • Drafting employment contracts and amendments using the client’s standard template.
  • Registration of employment contracts, amendments and terminations at NRA;
  • Administration of documents related to sick leaves, maternity leaves, paternity leaves;
  • Administration of civil contracts;
  • Preparation of income certificates;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the National Statistical Institute;
  • Preparation and submission at NRA of annual income reports under Art. 73 of PITA;
  • Preparation of quarterly declarations under Art. 55 of PITA on taxes due under civil contracts.

Payroll Health Check Review

  • Review of payroll documentation, calculations and processes
  • Review of compliance with local regulations (e.g. treatment of different types of payment from social security and tax point of view)
  • Review of social expenses / benefits
  • Preparation of report with findings and recommendations 
  • Review of internal documentation and policies related to personnel, incl. from legal point of view, e.g.:

- in relation to Health and Safety at Work Act;

- employment agreements and personnel files;

- rules and policies on the salary structure and organisation;

- social expenses and benefits policies.

Additional Support

  • Assistance during tax and social securities checks and audits, as well as assisting with payroll tax reconciliations;
  • Consulting on payroll calculation, HR administration and related matters;
  • Conducting trainings tailored to the individual needs of the client on payroll and HR administration matters.

Why PwC Bulgaria?

  • We help define your payroll challenges and give you direction
    - Helping uncover your payroll challenges in greater detail and agreeing a robust scope of services aligned to your needs.
  • We will design a tailored payroll process that is efficient and compliant
    - Challenging your current approach and implementing innovative best practices and processes delivering efficiency and control.
  • Deliver a seamless transition to PwC and add greater value
    - Providing a hassle-free transition which adds value right from day one, with detailed guidance provided on how your new payroll process will work.
  • Keeping your organisation compliant and well-informed
    - We will keep you up to date with the latest industry trends and legislation, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

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