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EU grants for environmental protection projects under the LIFE Programme of the European Commission

Grant amount: Up to 60% of eligible project costs. Recommended total project costs of between EUR 2 m. – EUR 10 m. Typically the grant amount is between EUR 1 m. – EUR 2 m.

Eligible projects: projects aimed:

(1) to develop, demonstrate and promote innovative solutions, techniques, methods and approaches 


(2) to the application of best practice. The projects should result in environmental benefits such as reduced pollution and waste, circular and efficient resource use, etc. 

The projects should cover the following areas (among others):

  • Climate change mitigation: (1) reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (both covered and not covered by the Emissions Trading System); (2) increase of generation and use of renewable energy;
  • Circular economy and waste: (1) separate collection and recycling of waste; (2) identification, tracking, separation, prevention and decontamination of waste containing hazardous substances; (3) reuse of limited raw materials;
  • Chemicals: (1) preventing and reducing the impact of chemical production on environment and human health; (2) reduction of production, use and emissions of harmful chemicals;
  • Water: (1) safe and efficient use of water resources; (2) marine and coastal water management; (3) treatment and management of drinking water and urban wastewater;
  • Air: reduction of air pollutants and emission of particulate matter;
  • Soil: technologies for restoration, protection and improvement of soil quality;
  • Noise: innovative solutions for noise reduction.

Eligible costs:

  • Equipment costs;
  • Personnel costs;
  • Subcontracting costs;
  • Indirect cost flat-rate – 7% of the eligible direct costs;
  • Land purchase costs: subject to specific conditions;
  • Travel and subsistence unit costs;
  • Costs for financial support to third parties: maximum total amount for financial support to third parties – EUR 100 thousand, maximum amount per third party – EUR 20 thousand.

Deadline for submission of full project proposal: 30 November 2021

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