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Unique Shaolin courses

Unique approach towards business issues


“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”


Shaolin courses offer an alternative view, allowing you to perceive your work problems from a different perspective and be able to deal with them more effectively. 

Currently, we are offering the following five courses:

Stress Management The Shaolin Way

Stress seems to be an unavoidable fact of life in our modern society. Constant stress can lead to feeling exhausted, pessimistic, and even depressed. The negative impacts on the individual are obvious, both on a personal and a professional level.

It is interesting to see how an uninterrupted tradition of knowledge that is more than 1,500 years old can prove an effective means for coping with pressure and stress.

Our Shaolin course will enable you to:

  • describe your sources of stress and re-define your strategies for responding to it
  • distinguish between what you can influence and what you cannot
  • work on an individual action plan to reduce the negative impact of stress on your life and your family

The ultimate goal of this session is to help you move away from being “pushed around” by your appointments, your commitments, your stress and your emotions. The quality of your life is determined by your attitude towards those factors, and your ability to master them.

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Conflict Management The Shaolin Way

Conflicts when dealing with each other are actually a very normal occurrence in our society. However, the culture of arguing must be learned – but where? It is clear that managers need communication skills, problem-solving competence, and team development capabilities to motivate their employees. But what about implementing these in practice?

A constructive way to deal with conflicts can be learned. Use this chance to turn conflicts into opportunities and opportunities into advantages. 

The objective of this training is to provide the practical skills to avoid the escalation of conflicts and to find ways to resolve them. The course covers:

  • various types of conflicts and their causes
  • how to diagnose and detect conflicts
  • different strategies for conflict resolution
  • recognition and evaluation of conflict potential
  • ways for conflict prevention
  • how to improve  personal conflict skills 

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Master Yourself The Shaolin Way

The main goal of this training is to make you familiar with the ancient wisdom and teachings to enhance and enrich your personal life. The training is oriented in a practical way with both mental as well as physical exercises and methods.

The course covers: 

• realization as the fundamental aspect of working and living 
• self-reflection and self-care to avoid social conditioning 
• exploration of uncertainty to consciously perceive life
• “Gong Fu”: Perfection comes from repetition


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Self-Empowerment The Shaolin Way

In Shaolin culture, empowerment refers to the acceptance and the deep understanding of existing limitations. Many professionals and managers are constantly under stress that results in a feeling of stagnation.

This training is not about philosophy. We will provide you with all the necessary techniques, tools and knowledge to support you in improving the quality of your business. 

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:  

  • use adequate and powerful tools and practical exercises that  will help them discover hidden limitations  
  • apply the techniques to remove and overcome the limitations and improve their quality of life in general
  • liberate their consciousness from unproductive thoughts and instead develop a creative and boundless mind, free from limitations

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The Art of Strategy The Shaolin Way

When company development strategies are to be determined, no mistakes must be made. Based upon the principles of the classic works and the teachings of Confucius and Laotse, we therefore provide insights into how correct strategic planning works, which factors must be taken into account, what should not be overlooked or forgotten in any case, and how to correctly plan and use one’s resources and competencies.

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Dates in 2021

  • 27 September 2021 - Stress Management The Shaolin Way

Venue: PwC's Academy premises, 7th floor, 9-11 Maria Louisa Blvd., Sofia  


450 EUR (excl. VAT) per course.

*Contact us to find out more about corporate discounts and early bird prices.

Language: Training is delivered in English.

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