Main benefits gained and implemented in my work?

"Contacts, discussions, funny moments, trends."

Radko Diev, Head of Expansion at Tabak Market AD

"Different pieces put in one, practical tips, confidence."

Yoana Bachovska, Economic Attaché at the British Embassy Sofia

"I started looking at the day-to-day tasks with a different view and to challenge the Status Quo"

Vanya Burghouts, Profitability Manager at IngramMicro

"Methodology that I will definitely implement and use in my daily job. In addition to that, very beneficial for me were the practical examples and cases we discussed. They opened a different perspective to me."

GratsielaDenkova, Director Operations at IngramMicro

What would you say to someone who is interested to sing up for the Mini MBA Programme?

"This programme has provided an excellent structure for all the theories, skills and knowledge that managers need. I have found the format really useful. The trainers have vast experience as well. This is the best training programmeI have ever attended."

Sashka Evtimova, Deputy Head, Commercial Section at British Embassy Sofia

"If you want to develop yourself, Mini MBA is a good way to do it."

Dimitar Hadzhidimitrov, Sales Manager at NIS Petrol EOOD

"Do it, very helpful, adding value."

Iliana Yosifova, Chief accountant at Aurubis

"To go for it, no matter of their background and career path"

Reneta Shopova, Financial Controler at OMV Bulgaria

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