IFRS 16 Leases

The new standard effective from 1 January 2019 with a major impact on all lessees

About the new standard

IFRS 16 is effective from 1 January 2019 with a major impact on all lessees renting assets under operating leases (limited impact on lessors of operating leases, as well as both lessees and lessors of finance leases).

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How Pwc Bulgaria can help?

  • As analysis
    Initial understanding how the standard is likely to affect you.
  • Build a roadmap
    Project management with proper identification of stages and planning to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Accounting advice
    The new standard requires a deep understanding of the applicable guidance and requires expert interpretation and judgements. Our team has the expertise to help.
  • Data gathering and analysis
    We can help gather relevant data and we have the analytical capabilities to help you understand the impact and make the right decisions.
  • PwC proprietary IFRS 16 e-tools
    We can offer our own IFRS 16 e-tools and assist in choosing the best Information Technology solution for your company. 

Regular Monthly IFRS 16 Breakfasts:  

PwC Bulgaria Accounting Advisory team will be organizing IFRS 16 breakfasts each month in 2018. The events will cover:

• Focus on the technical changes brought by the new IFRS 16, compared to the current IAS 17 requirements for tenants/lessees of operating leases

• Pragmatic implementation aspects

• IFRS 16 e-tools offered by PwC and other Information Technology solutions

The breakfasts will be led by the PwC experts specializing in IFRS 16:

• Gueorgui Nikolov, Director
• Savin Dyankov, Manager

IFRS 16 Breakfasts Agenda & Registraton:  

For more information and registration for IFRS 16 Breakfasts, please, contact us via e-mail: marketing-bg@bg.pwc.com or via phone: 02 91 003

Participation fee: 50 euro 


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