Integrated Security Information Management

Information and cyber security has never been higher on the board agenda

Given recent high profile events in both the private and public sector, information and cyber security has never been higher on the board agenda. Reputation can be seriously affected by information loss and theft. Incidents have often erroneously been attributed to technology issues, and while technology is one of the key components to better information and cyber security, equal attention needs to be paid to people, organisation, culture and processes.

Companies can no longer manage security on an ad-hoc project basis - they must integrate security infrastructures as well as constantly monitor standards, policies and controls to stay in line with established parameters. By gaining complete visibility into the security infrastructure, organizations are also able to remediate security gaps quickly.

We work closely with clients to identify risk areas and with executives to establish priorities for remediation. Also, we help organizations integrate a security infrastructure (people, processes and technology) and implement standardized processes.

Services we provide include the following:

  • Security and governance reviews and optimisation;
  • Integrated Security Information Management;
  • Information security design, reviews and optimisation;
  • IT security design, reviews and optimization;
  • Threat and vulnerability reviews;
  • Pentesting;
  • Data protection design, reviews and optimisation;
  • Incident management consulting;
  • Identity management design and implementation.

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