Mergers & Acquisitions

The M&A tax team of PwC Bulgaria gives clients the benefits of international expertise and in-depth understanding of the local business environment. In Bulgaria our solutions include:

Due Diligence review

We identify potential tax liabilities, evaluate the tax benefits of asset or share deal and address issues, which may affect the deal price and contractual framework. We take into consideration all Bulgarian taxes and similar levies, as well as the applicable statutes of limitation. This approach results in an improved valuation and overall assurance to both current and future investors.

Advice in structuring the transactions

We evaluate the tax impact of the transaction on both the company and its shareholders and assist in minimising a group’s tax burden and enhance cash-flows and profits. We examine deductibility of transaction cost, consider the impact of the Bulgarian thin capitalisation restrictions and advise on the available tax planning opportunities, including specific tax incentives and optimisation techniques.

Post deal advice and assistance

In the period after a major transaction – merger, acquisition or buyout – it is imperative that management is able to rapidly and effectively implement its business strategy. Our services during this critical period will help ensuring that tax is a controlled and value driven function.

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