The Shaolin Talks

Engage in a conversation about success, happiness and balance!

PwC’s Academy organizes for you ‘The Shaolin Talks’ together with Shi Heng Yi and Shi Heng Zong – monks from Shaolin Temple Europe.

How to overcome failure and create a balanced life

  • How can we deal with the mistakes we do?
  • What if mistakes lead to failure?
  • Living a life in balance instead of suffering from our mistakes
  • Practicing forgiveness
  • Avoid perfectionism
  • Understanding Karma: Cause and Effect

How to be successful in the modern world and remain happy

  • Defining the term „success“ in a Buddhist perspective
  • Success and happiness are not excluding each other
  • Happiness from a Buddhist perspective
  • Finding ways to integrate both in our way of living

 How to align your powerful resources for achieving what you want

  • Potential comes from alignment of your resources
  • Identifying strong and weak skills
  • What do we want – what do we need?
  • What are our resources
  • Don’t waste energy and effort


Dateeach seminar starts at 18:00 o’clock and last 3 hours

24 November 2016 - Talk 1: Balance    Interview with the monks - click here

23 March 2017Talk 2: Happiness  Interview with the monks - click here

15 May 2017Talk 3: Success

Venue: City Mark Art Center (Sofia, Yanko Sakazov №30 blvd., former Levski cinema)


 150 BGN (VAT incl.) 

 Discount package for the 3 seminars:

 350 BGN (VAT incl.)

*Tickets are without seat numbers. Feel free to choose your seat right before the start of each event.

 Language: Seminars will be in English

 Registration -  registration form

 Target audience: Training is intended for business professionals

 Important note: While the speakers are both monks, we would like to clarify that the content of the seminars is in no way religious.